2023 Duluth Regatta

Tom Haus
Jul 23, 2023
1 min read

Duluth Regatta was fun!

It was a perfect day for watching a rowing regatta on Lake Superior. The sun was shining bright, and the water was crystal clear. As I arrived at the shoreline, I noticed a group of people learning about rowing. They were eager to experience the excitement of the regatta and have some fun in the rough waters. I joined them, and we watched as the rowers gracefully glided across the water, their oars slicing through the waves. The atmosphere was electric as we cheered on each team, enjoying the thrill of the competition. We even got a little wet from the splashing waves and challenges for the boats in the wind, adding to the day's excitement. It was a perfect day spent watching the rowing regatta and learning about the sport while having a blast on Lake Superior.

All the pictures are here: Regatta Gallery

2023 Duluth Regatta by Tom Haus